Class Outing

Ahhhhhhh I'm really tired. Feel like so many things happened today.
Had class outing today to Kallang Leisure Park, before that was at school for solar car stuff.
However, neither Mr Sen nor Mr Said was in school!
So we waited.. And waited.. Was told several times we weren't supposed to be in school.
Then finally at 9.15am, we went out, went library but it was closed.
So we went to the mrt station to board the circle line, sat till dhoby ghaut and back haha.
Reached Stadium mrt, a lot of people were late sigh.
Was like a shepherd trying to get the mehmehs inside, haha.
Got the room 11, it was such a big room! Then, we had 25people altogether (:
Sang, took pictures(a lot), ate chicken teriyaki set lunch, drank milodinosaur.
The bill came, $353, each person 14bucks, haha.
Afterwhich, some went off, some ate, the rest went arcade and then bowling.
Wanted to go play basketball @ Kallang cc but it was drizzling, sigh..
Wasted opportunity, it would be so cool if 10+ people go together to go play lah haha.
Didn't go to play, we went koufu to play blackjack, and then at the top floor hallway.
Played murderer, haha. But afterawhile was chased by the guard O:
Went loitering around, thinking if we should go void deck or mandy's house.
But we ended up going home, haha. And I've got to eat 1hellopanda, ya! :D
Okay, I must sleep at 10pm today!
Have the bio 'Gene Amplification' workshop tomorrow, gotta meet 8am @ Bedok Mrt.
So early.. Booooo ): And we've still gotta bring clarinet cause we have to go band afterthat.
Oh yeah, didn't had the chance to take the class photos today even though so many were wearing that pink shirt! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D: