Class Tee

Hello, gotta hand up the solar car tomorrow, great.
Stayed back during this 2 days, up till now, we've completed the wheels, base, body and cover.
Still have got plate number and motor(didn't have much sun today) to finalize tomorrow.
I really hope the motor works and will be able to run the wheels with the gears O:
Hahaha. Interhouse games tomorrow, I've "joined" basketball girls. O:
I think there is no other team playing it, it means we will win automatically yay!
HAHAHAHHA. Okay. Then, we've gotten our class teeshirt today!
YAY YAY~ It's very pink though. Hahaha. Gotten a free tee also. Size 40! :D
Sigh, still have got a compo to finish up, what a rush!