End of MYE (:

Oh hi blog, I have just remembered about your existence. HAHAHA.
Okay, haven't been blogging lately due to MYE..
And finally, it's all over!!! Finished my last Phy paper today,
left with oral tomorrow to deal with and no more assessments le. (:
And yes! I have gotten a new phone, Sony Ericsson Aino, u10i, hahaha.
I did go online with it, but i couldn't blog with it, so yeah..
Didn't blog at all, haha. Some things happened recently, sigh.. ._.
Yeah and I've finished watching Clannad After Story in two days!
*Sense of achievement* AHAHAHAHA! It made me cried a lot though :X
I was super sad when Nagisa died.. And what's more, Ushio next?!
But at last, it was happy ending! :D It was kinda weird how they end it though, haha.
It's really super nice!! Touching, funny anime :D Go and watch it!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Until next time! :D