Girls' home?

Hey, gotten back my Hcl results today!!
Oral: 29/40, LC: 16/20, P1: 54/90(Very disappointed with 实用文 D:!!), P2: 73/110.
Overall I've gotten 66.2%, a B3. I don't quite feel anything.
Haha, borrowed 2 books from school library too.
Actually I found a lot of books to read. Well, mostly by JodiPicoult and ToreyHayden.
I hope I will finish reading my books within this holiday :D HAHAHAHA!
Had a long day today.. After recess had Amaths, Hcl, Bio- 2 periods each.
Afterwhich had lunch and then 1 period of Hcl till 3:55pm.
It was tiring. However, it wasn't so bad as Lilaoshi released us early (:
After all lessons, went to bandroom for stock taking.
2 clarinets not condemned are missing! Any clarinetists brought home their clarinets?
Please bring it tomorrow, by all cost! Don't get me into girls' home. NOOOOOOOO T.T
No, wait. I mean, all of us clarinetists will have to go there together then, HAHAHAHA.
Hehheh. Still have not done the solarcar design, but we've decided on the animal, yay.
At least something done. But still, we don't know how to connect everything together to make it work luh. I guess we're gone case huh. Hahahahaha (:
Chosen to go to VJC for 'Gene amplification' hands-on workshop or something,
cause I was the.. Top 4 bio student in class?! LOL.
Please luh, I only get 74 leh, an A2 O:! I'm sure 31 all 4students obtained A1 one loh.
Sigh.. Well, overall I've got 4A 4B 1D, don't quite feel anything O:
I'm not feeling unsatisfied or anything. Except for my amaths, haha.