Last Day of School!

Hello, I'm so tired, sigh. My right arm hurts ):
Had interhouse games today, obviously lost, hahah.
But it was quite fun :D though i hurt my hand O:
Finally decided on the class outing and stuff, yay.
Was staying back after school today to complete the solar car, but it still doesn't work..
We have to hand in tomorrow sioh, how how.
Went for band only after we finished the solar car, it was like 5.30pm.
I found out that ZhiJie was absent, and Sungho was still doing the solar car.
Making no 1st clarinet and no 1st trumpet. Hahahaa.
Played Centuria, 1st clarinet, I'm quite satisfied i can play abit though :B
But I still don't get some parts, gotta practice abit ahahah.
Yeah and SL's clarinet is still stuck.. I'm sorry D:
I hope and pray it will be able to be separated next practice..
Ah but, out of the 6 band practices, i will only be going for 2, aha whoops.
On 1st and 2nd, I have the 'Gene Amplification' workshop till 12noon.
On 22nd-24th, I have the Student Council Training camp.
Sigh, 4days clashes. I wonder what will happen for the NationalBandCompetition? O:
It's on the 16th of July, I supposed. Hope I will be able to play it O:
Have duty tomorrow, sigh it's so last minute.
This means I would have to reach school at 7am, pangseh my mama and do till 1pm..
Now my mama gotta come to school alone leh, so evil seh. D:
Ugh, I feel like there's so many things to be done! My mind's about to explode O:!