Meet-the-parents Session

Damned, I'm tired today from all those ushering, haha.
Today had to reach at 7am to do duty, was told to do ushering at maingate.
My mom came, got my results slip, I think quite okay except for English and Amath.
Mom left, and I continued with my assigned duty.
Had to greet parents, tell them the place they need to go get queue numbers.
For those parents who didn't know their way, we had to bring them there, hahaha.
It's quite fun actually, but tiring O: We worked till 1pm, total of 5hours.
Well, did have a break for 1 hour but there were still parents coming in..
Afterthat had lunch @ McDonalds with Shannen Jaslin Phyllis, Mc chicken meal.
Went back to school to find MsTan, and she, well, asked us to like redo.
I'm going mad. I'm losing hope on completing it lah. >:C

HAAHHAHA. I've locked my blog with a simple password lock :D
It' easy to bypass though, haha. It's something i love! :D
Okay, I mean, if you can see this means you know that & you've hacked in.