Well, I'm so hungry and tired! HAHAHA. For no reason, I'm being so high now.
Have been humming songs and stuff on the way home just now, so many people were looking :O
HAHAHA. Anyway, I changed to 1st clarinet since last practice.
I still can't read the high notes that first, i just, well, sort of adapted myself to lowlow notes.
Sigh, I've got to work extra hard to get my fingering and rhythm right!
I suck at sight-reading. My fingers can't move that fast.
My eyes can see and follow the notes as it goes, but!
just when i was figuring out the note, the part was already over! D:
And yeah, we've gotten back our MYE results, except for HCL now.
I FAILED AMATHS!!!!! First time failing in exam leeeeeeeeeeh!
And guess what, I JUST FAILED BY 1 MARK!!! One pathetic 1mark! D':
I've gotten 39/80 for it. I wonder if papa's gonna kill me ._.
But I am very happy with my sciences' results! HAHAHAHA. Okay sorry ):
Sigh.. Had almost band everyday. Monday(Marking day): Band
Tuesday: Cancelled stock-taking, band discussion.
Today: Band practice from 2:30-6:00pm.
Tomorrow: Stock-taking(Wonder have to work till when O:)
Friday: Band practice. Sigggggggh.. My hand hurts.
Oh yeah, Mr.Samuel asked me to use SL's clarinet, sorry SL D:
My right thumb can't get used to it, it hurts T.T
Still have got solar car design to come up with by Friday, but I can't stay tomorrow :X
Something happened in school today. Haha.
We celebrated the May's babies at the canteen after phy lessons.
It was weird. A lot people wasn't there. JingXian(Birthday Girl) went home already.
The girls are like the only one being enthu about it lah :O
Uhm, the cake was.. Not to my liking. HAHA. But i love the chocolate! :D
Hehheh, i ate 1 whole one xD YAAAAAY~
Yeah then, I've finished watching They Kiss Again yesterday!
It was niceeeeeeeeee~ I love ZhiShu X XiangQin.
However, I like ISWAK better. It was more touching and evoking. :D

Happy Birthday, Robia! :D:D:D:DD
Goodluck for your 'O's! God bless you. HAHAHAHA!