May 19, 2010


Well, I'm so hungry and tired! HAHAHA. For no reason, I'm being so high now.
Have been humming songs and stuff on the way home just now, so many people were looking :O
HAHAHA. Anyway, I changed to 1st clarinet since last practice.
I still can't read the high notes that first, i just, well, sort of adapted myself to lowlow notes.
Sigh, I've got to work extra hard to get my fingering and rhythm right!
I suck at sight-reading. My fingers can't move that fast.
My eyes can see and follow the notes as it goes, but!
just when i was figuring out the note, the part was already over! D:
And yeah, we've gotten back our MYE results, except for HCL now.
I FAILED AMATHS!!!!! First time failing in exam leeeeeeeeeeh!
And guess what, I JUST FAILED BY 1 MARK!!! One pathetic 1mark! D':
I've gotten 39/80 for it. I wonder if papa's gonna kill me ._.
But I am very happy with my sciences' results! HAHAHAHA. Okay sorry ):
Sigh.. Had almost band everyday. Monday(Marking day): Band
Tuesday: Cancelled stock-taking, band discussion.
Today: Band practice from 2:30-6:00pm.
Tomorrow: Stock-taking(Wonder have to work till when O:)
Friday: Band practice. Sigggggggh.. My hand hurts.
Oh yeah, Mr.Samuel asked me to use SL's clarinet, sorry SL D:
My right thumb can't get used to it, it hurts T.T
Still have got solar car design to come up with by Friday, but I can't stay tomorrow :X
Something happened in school today. Haha.
We celebrated the May's babies at the canteen after phy lessons.
It was weird. A lot people wasn't there. JingXian(Birthday Girl) went home already.
The girls are like the only one being enthu about it lah :O
Uhm, the cake was.. Not to my liking. HAHA. But i love the chocolate! :D
Hehheh, i ate 1 whole one xD YAAAAAY~
Yeah then, I've finished watching They Kiss Again yesterday!
It was niceeeeeeeeee~ I love ZhiShu X XiangQin.
However, I like ISWAK better. It was more touching and evoking. :D

Happy Birthday, Robia! :D:D:D:DD
Goodluck for your 'O's! God bless you. HAHAHAHA!

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