They Kiss Again (:

HiHi, I'm watching They Kiss Again!
Yes, finally, HAHAHAHA. Last time stopped chasing after it when it was just airing.
Now I'm back to watching it since exams are over, yay!
Still at Episode 3 though (: Just now papa suddenly woke up and he is using the comp now.
So weird. Is he waiting for me to sleep? :O
Hm.. Today had HCL oral, the passage was okay, conversation was on YOG.
Haha, thought it wouldn't come out and it did :O
Huang da ma says both are okay, but.. I don't believe ._.
Anyway, tomorrow going to ahgong house, finally. It's been long since we went due to MYE.
Maybe I'm gonna find download link for ipman2 tomorrow, mama wants to watch it haha.
Okay, I'm waiting for the video to load, so.. Byebye :D!