Ughhhhhhhhhh, I'm feeling so uneasy now!
It feels like I've done a lot of wrong things at band today D:
First, the pest controllers came and we needed the QM key to open up the cabinets.
However, it was with elfa. She didn't pick up her phone, so i went round searching for her.
Called her umpteen times and yet no response, however when matong called, she picked up >:C
And she said she passed it to Janson. I was like, so mad cause it made me ran round for nothing.
Sigh. Then next, during sectionals with 2 sec1s, i wasn't much of a help.
Had to find the conductor's score for Foundation Of Performances too during full band.
I searched around and couldn't find it, i only found a lot of spiders D':
As the band couldn't start w/o it, the whole band was like, staring at my every movements O:
Finally with the help of Mr.Samuel then did I found the score. T-T
We also had to fall in the sec1s and dismiss them.
I couldn't help but to talk to the sec 1s and to laugh and joke around.
Then when i wasn't talking but smiling to myself, sec1s laughed at me D:
And.. I kept forgetting Jackie's name! Sorry D: Now I do, hahahha.
And then and then, during main band practice, I feel so weird as if I'm the odd one out.
It's so high and different from the other clarinetists T-T
And, after band practice, i couldn't separate my clarinet. It was stuck!
Neither Bilguun nor Mr. Samuel could separate it also.
And now, my un-separated part clarinet is placed on top of my clarinet case,
in the storeroom where it is vulnerable to the attacks of cockroaches T-T
Sigh.. And just as we were about to lock up the bandroom,
I suddenly remembered that I didn't took my old clarinet out.
Had to on the torch in phone to shine my way and get it.
I also fumbled to get a new reed cause the other new reed was in the store room, locked.
Lastly, I had forgotten to pass the sec1's band attendance to Ms. Rabiah!
I watched as her car went pass me!! She didn't stop even though i waved, frantically ._.
Then when i went out of school, met with her car, she rolled down her car window.
I gave the paper to her, but she asked me to give it to her on Monday instead.
Sigggggggggh, still have got the solar car thingy to work on.
Gotta get the motor, gears and etc. Luckily the design was accepted, haha :D
Okay sigh, I'm drained. Today, I ran. I shouted. I panicked. I screwed up.