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Messed up.

Hellooo. I'm feeling soooooooooooooo lazy ):
I've slept for 2hours just now, and I am tired!
I feel like I've got lots of things to do but I don't wanna do ):
1st day of school today, partnered with Chanel, taking work seriously haha.
Today was quite down, but I got to eat 1packet of milo! AHA!
Hmm. I need to go sort out what's in my mind, bye!

Ma.. Mabushii!

Chokoreto! :D

Time to take off all earsticks and earring. ):
I don't wanna go back school! I haven't had enough of rest!
Boo. I just bathed, hope I will be able to sleep later ahaha.
Have to reach school @ 6.50am tomorrow, I wonder why.
Done all homework-except am&em few questions, phy sound last page, chy tys-, packed my bag.
Ala~ Just started watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge yesterday.
I'm halfway through the last episode! HAHAHA.
Go Kyohei! Save Sunako! Confess to her!!
Haha. Somehow I feel I've forgotten to do something important.
Uh, heck. Let's what deal with comes tomorrow! YAY :D

Mother Earth

Hello world. I just bathed. HAHAHA.
I heard birds chirping just now. They aren't supposed to right?
The climate is changing. I woke up to a nice cooling day.
I mean, it's nice but really, the climate and all are all mixed up.
Mother Earth is dying. The glaciers are melting. So is Himalayas.
This is crazy. We're all gonna die! There's no use practicing the 3Rs.
I think we will all get flooded with the ice water and drown in it.
The whole population except for some human who hide underground or something.
And after all the water floods and destroy everything.
The water will start receding and evaporate, and those alive human will come out.
And start the whole cycle of human domination again.
Blah. I've done most of my homework! Left with physics sound&kinematics, bio- 1graph!
Yay yay yay yay yay! HA! Now I can start playing after I've completed it tonight! :D:D:D

Tsukare ta

I'm back home from camp, finally! I'm tired.
I wanted to post. But I'm gonna sleep first, HAHAHA.
Goodnight! :D

I have slept for 7hours since I've reached home! HAHAHAHA
Slept with my bandtee and bermuda on, didn't change out of it :B
I had these 2 weird dreams! No, one of it was a nightmare!!
First, I dreamt that it's some sort of special day for my papa, then my cousins came.
They wanted papa to bring them go eat dinner, then papa reluctantly went.
We were just leaving the house, and I saw mama still in house.
Then, papa asked mama why she didn't want to go..
I forgot what they say, but suddenly, I saw a baby on mama's back.
LOL! I asked who the baby was, and came to the idea she's my younger sister. LOL LOL!
Then mama strapped her onto papa and we went off. HAHAHA.
Second, the nightmare came. O: It was damn scary!
I dreamt of Phyllis Koh <: I was watching teevee. She was in it.
With some people she met on the journey to a very ancient-ancient pl…

Kyanpu kyanpu!

Yay, I've finished packing my bag! I've squeezed 3sets of clothes and towel into a ziplock bag :D
HAHAHA. *Satisfied* Hm, but should I bring bermuda for sleeping?
I've only got 3 PE shorts and I've to wear one tomorrow.. ):
Ohoh! Yesterday night, while me and papa were in the living room watching teevee,
the teevee just made a weird electrical sound and boom! Smoke was coming out. HAHAHA
Then papa rush to off the main switch and cut away the switch incase we open it.
It's quite expected, the teevee is almost the same age as me (:
So.. Now we have no teevee to watch except the one in mama room! O:
And then and then, papa went to sleep and I was alone doing homework.
Jiejie went out to ton and there was noone in the room! So dark O:
I needed the toilet. I on the lights and..... Cockroach! A big one!
I opened papa's room, saw the lights were off and closed the room.
I was thinking of what to do next and then, papa came out saying it's very hot!
HAHAHA. And, he killed the c…


I must complete Physics Tenyearseries and Em&Am assignments tomorrow!

Yes! It's a must no matter what! Cause I ain't have time anymore!!
And once I've completed it tomorrow, I will do chy ws and English compre on Monday.
As for the English novel review.. Hm. I guess I'll slot it somewhere?
Omo it's going to be the end of 3rd week, going in to the 4th week.
This means, no more play time! I've got to finish all my work. ):
Remind members to check their stuffs, no FBTs, white socks, 8:30am.
Ask if we need to leave for band during camp. Tsk. I don't wanna bring clarinet to the camp luh.
Like goondoo like that. People go camp and I will bring a clarinet there. -_-
Sigh. It's Father's Day tomorrow! Happy Father's day to all Fathers out there!
Went Ahgong house today for steamboat to celebrate Father's Day.
No meatball. Don't like. Only enjoyed eating crabmeat sticks & fishballs.
Boooooooo. My neck hurts. Sunburn. Burn Burn Burn.
Campfire's burn…

Failure, D:

Phew, I'm home. My right hand is hurting as I type, it's swollen. D:
Went to Sentosa Siloso Beach today w/ XinEr Shannen Shuting Jaslin Phyllis.
Main purpose was to play and then celebrate XinEr's belated birthday.
Met at Bedok Mrt @ 10am in the morning, woke up early to prepare ice.
It was raining heavily when I left house, and I had to bring 2umbrellas.
One for myself and one to rescue someone, but didn't use it cause it became smaller. O:
I was like carrying volleyball, some supposedly cooler for ice and a huge bag w/ stuffs.
I looked like a runaway kid carrying a huge luggage, leaving home to play ball, LOL.
We bought food&drinks from NTUC and took bus to Vivocity.
Met Edgar on the bus and then, we all started chatting. (I took picture of him! -o-v)
Reached, alighted and met w/ Shannen at the arcade, really sorry we took so long ._.
Then.. We went to buy the tickets and went in to Sentosa.
Saw quite a number of angmohs, but there wasn't like really any zhabor :\
On the …


Omo. I've still got loads of homework to complete!
Yesterday, I had intended to do homework before going ahgong house.
But I ended up using computer the whole day.
I brought homework, but ended up watching 'The notebook' & 'The spy next door'.
Well, I thought 'The notebook' would be much more touching but it wasn't O:
Feel kinda cheated and wasted my time finding and downloading it to watch.
After coming back from ahgong house then I started doing some homework.
Did physics TYS, was a lot more than I thought it would be.
Sigh.. I'm not even halfway through the phy homework.
But anyway, I'm going out tomorrow! :D YAY!
Going to Sentosa to picnic & play, HAHAHAHAAHHAAH!
I'm gonna go do my homework at 2.30pm!

Hello! HAHAHA. It's break for now! :D
I ended up doing work at 4pm, whoops.
But I've complete doing up till 5school's paper!
1 more paper and I'm down with chinese! :D


~!@#$%&*!#@#$%& I HATE BAZHANG!
Yesterday ate 1packet of cheekueh for dinner, so weird!
Jiejie had gone for her chalet today, good loh she D:
Sigh.. Didn't use much of computer today, determined to do my homework.
But then.. I watched the teevee instead ._.
Hence, I had only completed 1 paper of the HCL ws, 5 more schools to do.
There's still chy was, phy tys, eng novel review, eng diec summary, am&em ws.
Tomorrow is 端午节, which means bazhang day! Don't like.
I think I won't even complete reading one of the novel, sigh..
Gotta start doing all my homework now, there's no time next week!

Yay! I've completed 2school's paper now!! :D
So happy hahaha. But I've still got 4schools more to do..
No need to do the compos right?! I'll die if I need to do 12 compos. Seriously.
Maybe I'll do the 综合填空 and 阅读理解1 of Temasek Secondary by today.
And the others.. I haven't touch them except for em. Sigh............... D:
Papa's awake! He's watc…


Helloo. Actually didn't want to blog today, but oh well (:
Today had to go school to clean-up Student Council room, more like voluntarily.
I just didn't want to stay home to rot like the past 2days!
Had to reach school at 11am, so I had intended to sleep at 1am yesterday.
However, there was a funny variety show that lasted till 2am, so I watched it.
After watching it, I realised I hadn't off my comp and went to play till 2.30am.
And.. Spent half an hour asking Mama if she was hot, or cold, or need fan or blanket, haha.
Laid on bed at 3am and finally fell asleep at 4am, teehee.
Thus, I woke up tired at 10am. I was the only one left at home O:
Went school, had to go to General Office to get the keys to the bandroom to get the conductor's
score of the 2pieces we were playing for the National Band Competition,
and went back to General Office to pass to Mdm Sarjit to photocopy 3sets of each.
Well, it's for the judges to see and stuff I guess.
Afterthat I joined to clean the SC room,…


Hello! Today is boring! D:
All day long, I only played Facebook games and read mangas.
I wanted to play Sims3 but there's error intalling it! >:C
I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3!
I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3!
I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3!
I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3!
I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3! I want to play Sims 3! >:C
Going to school tomorrow to clean up Student Council room.
I wonder if it would be boring, sigh. Have to reach by 11am, guess I'll sleep around 1 then.
I feel like playing maple! HAHAHA.
Damn, but it will be like so troublesome lah.
Ah!!!!! I WANT SIMS3!!!!!! T-T

Baby & I.

Hello! Stayed at home today, no programme, I thought we were going ahgong house ):
Well, yesterday was hell of a night, I was intending to sleep at 3am.
I had like serious leg muscle ache on both legs but I still tried to go to sleep soundly.
However, while I was half-asleep, I kept feeling the strain of my muscles.
And at 4am, I woke up wide awake because the pain was so unbearable ._.
Sigh.... Then jiejie came to give some advice and stuff, haha thanks.
Then finally I tried massaging my own legs, felt better and went to sleep!
And.. I slept all the way till 2pm this afternoon hehheh. :B
Was bored playing Facebook games, and I went to watch 'Baby and I'!

Hm.. I feel that the movie is too short! But overall, quite nice luh. The baby is very cute! :D:D But I don't like the seiyuu's voice for like 'voicing' the baby's thoughts though, it kinda ruin the baby's cute image. Roar, Jang Geun Suk!


My butt really hurts. It's like I'm getting paralysed halfway down. ):
I wanna go lie down but I have the urge to do this! Hehheh
Different languages of saying pork!

English: Pork
Chinese: Zhu Rou
Hokkien: Te Ba
Cantonese: Jyu Yoh(?)
Japanese: Butaniku
Korean: Dwaejigogi
French: Porc
German: Schweinefleisch
Croatian: Svinjski
Dutch: Varkensvlees
Finnish: Sianliha
Italian: Carne di maiale
Polish: Wieprzowe
Portuguese: Porco
Romanian: Carne de porc
Spanish: Carne de cerdo
Swedish: Gris
Thai: Neụ̄̂x h̄mū

HAHAHAHA. Oyasumi-nasai, Ja ne!
(Feeling guilty for not knowing henghwa dialect since I am one ._.)

Dwaeji tokki(!)

Phyllis and Shannen @ Kiddy Arcade! :D

HELLO!!! I've just finished watching 'You're Beautiful'!!
IT'S FABULOUS! HAHAHA. You should go watch it too! Hehheh.
Park Shin Hye & Jung Geun Suk(!) was so cute together! ^^v
Yeap, went out with Shannen and Phyllis today to watch KarateKid!
It was fantastic also! Except for the seats that ain't that good, and inconsiderate people.
Drey's last kick even though his leg was broken was super cool luh! Hahaha.
But I wonder how his broken leg can even be straightened when he flipped?!
Ah nevermind nevermind, it's cool anyway, haha!
Hehheh. I've found somethings to watch now; 'Baby & I' and WGM 2!
HAHA. I've still got so many things to watch!
Today while waiting for KarateKid to be screened, we watched a lot of trailers!
Right now I have in mind a lot of movies to watch but I can't remember!
Uh... I can only remember Salt and Eclipse! O:
Aha, that's enough this for me to watch for now. I've still go…


Pork house
You are sensitive and indecisive at times. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.
When it comes to love, you shut yourself off. It's difficult to win your heart because you have decided to keep your feelings deep inside. You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.
You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.

I went to do a drawahouse personality test. Haha.
Great, sort of wasted my time waking up earlier to watch the series while doing this.
And now, I've got to leave the house soon! D:


I'm alive! Things didn't turn out as bad as I think it would be.
Went with sister this morning and got it all settled, xie xie ni :D
But still, I've took out some money and stuff it in papa's wallet.
What to do? I didn't look it up and all, who else to blame? Stupid pork.
Sigh.. I need work! Anyone wants to find part-time job with me? D:
Have been watching 'You're Beautiful' since yesterday night, recommended by Shannen.
Yes it's a kdrama O: But aha, I'm watching ep 15, last 2nd ep le!
However, it's weird. This is the first time I'm watching a drama show and not crying, haha.
Hm.. Maybe I've watched it too fast? I've only started it yesterday around 8+pm..
Ugh, I wanna finish it! But I'm really tired now, and the 2nd part of ep isn't there.
I'm lazy to search it now and watch it. I'll leave it to tomorrow morning I guess!
KarateKid @ Bugis w/ Shannen and Phyllis tomorrow! Jaslin not going..
I guess I have to wake up like.. 9+…

Watashi o korosu

Hi. I'm gonna die. Kill me.

A day without sunlight.

Hello! I've finished watching Nodame Cantabile Finale, 3rd season!!
Yes! This means I've finally completed watching all of it :D Hehheh!
But I was rather disappointed cause they never like show their wedding ):
Yesterday night was terrible, my stomach was in pain but I thought it was just my stomach churning and grumbling for food,
so i slept with it. However, through the night I kept waking up semi-consciously.
And at 3am, I barged into the washroom, haha! And I was okay! :D
LOL, I have no idea why am I posting this here, haha (:
Went back to sleep, woke up at 7am, bathed and went to school in pink.
Sat taxi to SP for the solar car thingy, it was around $27 lah! O:
It was drizzling and there was no sun, so the competition couldn't start.
We waited and waited there, till about 11+am, they finally decided to postponed.
Took taxi back to school again, it was about $14 now. Woah, big difference.
Went to school saw MdmCheng, hahaha :D Kawaii!
Hm, I feel like playing Maple.. Private server …

Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen

Ah! No! Ohmygod! I can't stop watching Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen now!
Just watched episode 5 and managed to stop watching.
I've postponed the meeting with Shannen to 2.30 because of it!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'd better go now @-@

/Edited, 8:08pm
Hehehe! I finished watching Nodame Cantabile Paris-Hen!!!
Gonna watch Nodame Cantabile Finale now! 11 episodes only, hehheheh :D
YEAH YEAH. I think Nodame and Chiaki is so cute together! HAHAA.
Okay, gonna wake up at 7am tomorrow to sub in for Sungho's group for the solarcar.
Gah, it's gonna last till about 2.30pm! >:C


My eyes are so tired. I've been staring at this computer, since morning.
I blogged, facebook-ed(gaming), GMH-ed, LGMH-ed, and, watched Nodame Cantabile!
Completed Nodame Cantabile by watching the 18 episodes left, haaaaaaaaa.
I want to watch the Paris series, seriously like now!
But.. My eyes are giving way, haha, I'd better go sleep..
Meeting Shannen tomorrow 2pm at school library to do homework, anyone? :D
Ah, should I set alarm? If I did, I can wake up to start watching the Paris series.
If I didn't, I can sleep till my heart's content, risking being late for meeting Shannen.
Sigh..... I'm smelly so nice right now, just bathed, hehheh.
Didn't wash hair though, today after the run came back and wash le :X
Jiejie's having exams tomorrow, add oil! Piglet oil :D

Sunday Morning.

Ohmygod it's so early, I can't believe I'm here blogging when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
Was woken up at 6am all thanks to Jiejie O:
Bathed, and Papa korkor jiejie me went to Toa Payoh Stadium.
Yes, I woke up at 6am to go to Toa Payoh Stadium to run on a Sunday morning.
And guess what, I completed more than 2.4km, yay! :D
Actually only intending to run 2round xD But I ran 4rounds non-stop instead.
Then walked 1 whole round, and sprint 2/3 of the last round, hahaha.
The timing was about 23mins since I started later than korkor, whoops.
I don't know why it took so long D: Initially after running I was okay..
Then I walked around, and felt giddy, wanted to vomit, rested and was okay :D
Went to back to our neighbourhood market to eat breakfast, came home and took a bath.
The morning fresh air this morning was so nice, the scent of nature!
HAHA. When I walked on the grass patch, I could feel the sprinkle of the morning dew (:
But now, the air is filled with the mono gas from all t…


Boo, I've just removed the password thing cause I found out that for IE, it directs to google straight away ):
Watched 'The proposal' online just now, wasn't as great as I had thought D:
There were no subtitles, so I had a problem catching what they were saying sometimes.
The show wasn't touching, funny, nor heart-warming.
I had also finished reading 'Shugo Chara' on onemanga, hehheh.
I have no idea what to do now, even though there is still a pile of homework waiting for me to do.
Well, it's a Saturday! Like who would be doing homework now :D

Changed Blogskin

My previous blogskin

Yay! I changed blogskin, got tired of the old one, whoops, hehheh.
Yay yay me, i did a collage and placed it up, though I just grabbed random photos, haha!
Okay, it's already 12.28am! I need to sleep!
I have band tomorrow and still need to do exercises!
Gah, goodnight people! HAHAHAHAAH :D

Oh bytheway, the links are inside the black box, hahaha!

Futile Efforts?

Sigh, dismantled the mouse, solar car, today.
Went to school to give sungho's group our solar panel and motor..
After dismantling, MsTan went to take the mouse's body and felt it's kinda wasted.
So, she suggested that the mouse body can be used for sungho's group.
I'm quite okay with it, since our car cannot run and only one group can participate.
But it's like, we spent so much time and effort on it only to be 'donated' to other group.
Sigh.. Well, that's what reality is heh? Eliminate the weak. Haha.
Played basketball afterthat, i didn't shoot in any, shit maaaaaaaan.
Band tomorrow, gonna have to lead, gosh ._.
Gotta meet Mdm Chua @ 11am at Student Council room, I wonder what it's for?!


Hello! Went to Victoria JC these two days to attend a workshop, 'Gene Amplification'.
Met with the group at Bedok Mrt before boarding the bus together.
Well, I think that the workshop is quite boring, didn't learn much :\
Rushed to band after the workshop ends.
Sungho had gotten the most outstanding award, and gotten a garden in a bottle.
It's cool, haha. Waited for them to choose the things today, and it took quite a while.
Went to band and it was like 1+pm O: Sigh, almost the same time as the day before.
During band today, I played a lot of wrong things, like notes and rhythm T-T
Boo. Band practice on friday, gotta see Mdm Chua @ 11am, I wonder what it its for luh.
And then, Jaslin and I went to the band noticeboard today, and,
Jaslin hit the board, and 15 WHITE TERMITES CAME CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR!!
Seriously, it's giving me goosebumps already, freaking disgusting! :X