~!@#$%&*!#@#$%& I HATE BAZHANG!
Yesterday ate 1packet of cheekueh for dinner, so weird!
Jiejie had gone for her chalet today, good loh she D:
Sigh.. Didn't use much of computer today, determined to do my homework.
But then.. I watched the teevee instead ._.
Hence, I had only completed 1 paper of the HCL ws, 5 more schools to do.
There's still chy was, phy tys, eng novel review, eng diec summary, am&em ws.
Tomorrow is 端午节, which means bazhang day! Don't like.
I think I won't even complete reading one of the novel, sigh..
Gotta start doing all my homework now, there's no time next week!

Yay! I've completed 2school's paper now!! :D
So happy hahaha. But I've still got 4schools more to do..
No need to do the compos right?! I'll die if I need to do 12 compos. Seriously.
Maybe I'll do the 综合填空 and 阅读理解1 of Temasek Secondary by today.
And the others.. I haven't touch them except for em. Sigh............... D:
Papa's awake! He's watching Fifa world cup on the net but it's lagging, haha!