I must complete Physics Tenyearseries and Em&Am assignments tomorrow!

Yes! It's a must no matter what! Cause I ain't have time anymore!!
And once I've completed it tomorrow, I will do chy ws and English compre on Monday.
As for the English novel review.. Hm. I guess I'll slot it somewhere?
Omo it's going to be the end of 3rd week, going in to the 4th week.
This means, no more play time! I've got to finish all my work. ):
Remind members to check their stuffs, no FBTs, white socks, 8:30am.
Ask if we need to leave for band during camp. Tsk. I don't wanna bring clarinet to the camp luh.
Like goondoo like that. People go camp and I will bring a clarinet there. -_-
Sigh. It's Father's Day tomorrow! Happy Father's day to all Fathers out there!
Went Ahgong house today for steamboat to celebrate Father's Day.
No meatball. Don't like. Only enjoyed eating crabmeat sticks & fishballs.
Boooooooo. My neck hurts. Sunburn. Burn Burn Burn.
Campfire's burning! I absolutely have no clues about cheers. Chanomai.