A day without sunlight.

Hello! I've finished watching Nodame Cantabile Finale, 3rd season!!
Yes! This means I've finally completed watching all of it :D Hehheh!
But I was rather disappointed cause they never like show their wedding ):
Yesterday night was terrible, my stomach was in pain but I thought it was just my stomach churning and grumbling for food,
so i slept with it. However, through the night I kept waking up semi-consciously.
And at 3am, I barged into the washroom, haha! And I was okay! :D
LOL, I have no idea why am I posting this here, haha (:
Went back to sleep, woke up at 7am, bathed and went to school in pink.
Sat taxi to SP for the solar car thingy, it was around $27 lah! O:
It was drizzling and there was no sun, so the competition couldn't start.
We waited and waited there, till about 11+am, they finally decided to postponed.
Took taxi back to school again, it was about $14 now. Woah, big difference.
Went to school saw MdmCheng, hahaha :D Kawaii!
Hm, I feel like playing Maple.. Private server one of course, haha!
Or maybe I should continue playing AngelJam? But my eyes hurt D:
Haha. Meeting Jaslin tomorrow to study @ 12noon!