Failure, D:

Phew, I'm home. My right hand is hurting as I type, it's swollen. D:
Went to Sentosa Siloso Beach today w/ XinEr Shannen Shuting Jaslin Phyllis.
Main purpose was to play and then celebrate XinEr's belated birthday.
Met at Bedok Mrt @ 10am in the morning, woke up early to prepare ice.
It was raining heavily when I left house, and I had to bring 2umbrellas.
One for myself and one to rescue someone, but didn't use it cause it became smaller. O:
I was like carrying volleyball, some supposedly cooler for ice and a huge bag w/ stuffs.
I looked like a runaway kid carrying a huge luggage, leaving home to play ball, LOL.
We bought food&drinks from NTUC and took bus to Vivocity.
Met Edgar on the bus and then, we all started chatting. (I took picture of him! -o-v)
Reached, alighted and met w/ Shannen at the arcade, really sorry we took so long ._.
Then.. We went to buy the tickets and went in to Sentosa.
Saw quite a number of angmohs, but there wasn't like really any zhabor :\
On the way I was like snapping pictures away. HAHA!
I regretted taking so many pictures beforehand cause my phone died later D:
Found a good spot and laid down our mats, Jaslin brought too(:
Then we played! HAHAHA. We played the frisbee. We played free volleyball.
We played the splash game which Phyllis was splashed like crazy (Y).
We played Scissors paper stone, buried XinEr and made her pregnant :D!
We played monkey and drew our own court. We played volleyball in the water.
We played with sand and dug out a bottle of aquatic plants inside.
We played in the sea to snatch the floating volleyball and to try grabbing XinEr.
To throw her into the water! HAHAHA. But didn't managed to do it! >:C
The seawater was veryvery salty, it stung my eye whenever it came in contact ):
We also sat in the sea playing with sand talking about random stuffs, haha.
Hm. I don't feel like blogging anymore. I'm tired! -o-
So practically, we played, washed up and went back to Vivo.
They ate at BK, Jaslin and I went to buy cake, intending to surprise XinEr.
But she had to met her father so she went off first w/o bading goodbye ):
Returned to BK, called her immediately to stop her and gave her the cake instead.
Changed from purple line to red line to green line and reached home.
I'm all tired. Legs are aching, hand's in pain cause it got swollen playing volleyball ):
Boooooooooo, failed belated surprise birthday party. Sorry mushroom!
My hands are now covered with many little red spots!! Pain lah! D:

Omo, just now my scratched my neck cause it was itchy.
Then after I scratched it, it became so pain! D:
Mama says my face looks red(?) and I have sunburn?!