Futile Efforts?

Sigh, dismantled the mouse, solar car, today.
Went to school to give sungho's group our solar panel and motor..
After dismantling, MsTan went to take the mouse's body and felt it's kinda wasted.
So, she suggested that the mouse body can be used for sungho's group.
I'm quite okay with it, since our car cannot run and only one group can participate.
But it's like, we spent so much time and effort on it only to be 'donated' to other group.
Sigh.. Well, that's what reality is heh? Eliminate the weak. Haha.
Played basketball afterthat, i didn't shoot in any, shit maaaaaaaan.
Band tomorrow, gonna have to lead, gosh ._.
Gotta meet Mdm Chua @ 11am at Student Council room, I wonder what it's for?!