Baby & I.

Hello! Stayed at home today, no programme, I thought we were going ahgong house ):
Well, yesterday was hell of a night, I was intending to sleep at 3am.
I had like serious leg muscle ache on both legs but I still tried to go to sleep soundly.
However, while I was half-asleep, I kept feeling the strain of my muscles.
And at 4am, I woke up wide awake because the pain was so unbearable ._.
Sigh.... Then jiejie came to give some advice and stuff, haha thanks.
Then finally I tried massaging my own legs, felt better and went to sleep!
And.. I slept all the way till 2pm this afternoon hehheh. :B
Was bored playing Facebook games, and I went to watch 'Baby and I'!

Hm.. I feel that the movie is too short! But overall, quite nice luh. The baby is very cute! :D:D But I don't like the seiyuu's voice for like 'voicing' the baby's thoughts though, it kinda ruin the baby's cute image. Roar, Jang Geun Suk!