Tsukare ta

I'm back home from camp, finally! I'm tired.
I wanted to post. But I'm gonna sleep first, HAHAHA.
Goodnight! :D

I have slept for 7hours since I've reached home! HAHAHAHA
Slept with my bandtee and bermuda on, didn't change out of it :B
I had these 2 weird dreams! No, one of it was a nightmare!!
First, I dreamt that it's some sort of special day for my papa, then my cousins came.
They wanted papa to bring them go eat dinner, then papa reluctantly went.
We were just leaving the house, and I saw mama still in house.
Then, papa asked mama why she didn't want to go..
I forgot what they say, but suddenly, I saw a baby on mama's back.
LOL! I asked who the baby was, and came to the idea she's my younger sister. LOL LOL!
Then mama strapped her onto papa and we went off. HAHAHA.
Second, the nightmare came. O: It was damn scary!
I dreamt of Phyllis Koh <: I was watching teevee. She was in it.
With some people she met on the journey to a very ancient-ancient place.
When they reached, there were a lot of people visiting.
Phyllis was there, not interested, listening to heavy rock music loudly from a psp.
Then somehow she went to take the lift. The walls was just like any other cement walls.
Suddenly, the walls on the side of the lifts lifted up, leaving the walls like a glass wall.
And then.. There was loads of zombies behind inside!!! (Like left4dead/SilentHill zombies!)
Phyllis didn't know and she just went in. The lift closed.
And.. One of the zombies started grabbing her leg! The others started moving.
They were going to touch her but suddenly there came out music like chanting from her headset.
It startled the zombies around her. She acted fast and just plucked out the headset,
to hold her psp up high, bombarding the place with her loud chanting music form the psp.
And, there was like a office headquarter, the main zombie made announcement from the PA.
They announced to make all of the zombies evacuate! LOL :D
And then I just woke up. I still remember how the zombies look like! Scary scary!
Okayokay. My bed was so comfortable to sleep in, hehheh (:
The StudentCouncil camp was fun! HAHAHA.
Was in group 11(Da Gama) w/ Sweekiat Joanne Wanwen Aqilah Weichin Samuel.C Jordan YaoHui
The camp consisted of talks like eventplanning(2hours for 1 session) which was superboring,
but it's really fun when it comes to TreasureHunt & the games! :D:D
For TreasureHunt, we're given photos as clue to where photos were hidden around the school.
We started at WesleyHall, went to find, got it, went back to WesleyHall for another clue.
And ran to find more photos again! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA.
Ran around like crazy, some people got separated, but we found them back and continued.
And then and then, we were like the first group to complete it, LOL.
It was pretty weird. I thought Chiyean's group would have gotten first. O:
Thenthen, the next day we played games again, there were 5stations!
First, we had to melt a piece of ice they gave and compete with other teams.
We broke the ice twice, lost 200points, but were the first to complete haha.
Next, we were blindfolded and separated, had to find back out own group members.
I just walked towards the voice of Sweekiat when he reported the group's name,
and then found him. HAHA. Joined with the rest of the group.
Aqilah was infront. And they had to play scissors-paper-stone with other teams.
And, aqilah won both teams, yay! HAAAAAHHA.
Then we went to ISH, took turns to be blindfolded and guide those who are blindfolded
to the route to collecting the fivestones of colours the game commandant wanted.
And then we played a station that we could only use our legs to pass things down the line.
We passed basketballs, shoes, bananas and eggs.
LOL! It was gross, the passing of banana and egg I mean.
The banana was reused and recycled from previous groups, I guess.
And as the bananas were passed around, they were mashed and squashed.
YaoHui was infront of me and then the bananas always fail to pass me ):
Boo. And we had a challenge to pass the rawegg around with one leg each.
At the start, the egg dropped and cracked. When it reached my leg, the eggwhite spilled.
And at Samuel's leg, most of the eggyolk spilt on his leg. HHAHA
Lastly, we went to one of the classroom where we had to attach one person unto the rope,
stable one leg behind theirs and lower them down to pail of pingpong balls with water.
And then scoop out the pingpongballs with spoon to a chair.
It was lucky Weichin had long legs and hands, HAHA.
Aqilah nearly fell cause the rope wasn't really secure and it nearly came off.
But it was fortunate that it was discovered and she didn't fall :D
HAHA. I'm tired. After typing all these, lol!
The night before camp, I couldn't sleep. I laid on bed at 1.30am, slept at 2.30am ._.
Woke up at 7 and went for camp. First night, talked abit with Bao and went to sleep.
Second night, Bao and I finished up the evaluation form, and chatted.
Haha, Bao practically laughed at everything. LOL, it was funny (:
Slept at 1am+, woke up at 6.30am today. Went for band at 10am after breakfast.
Breakfast was delicious! It was like Bigbreakfast, haha. I like the hashbrown and mashedegg!
Went for band, found out the wrong timing I wrote on the bandblog..
Sorry! :X It was really a typo luuuuuuuuuuuuh. Sorry sorry sorry.
): I have to complete homework within these 3days!
I asked a lot of people, and most of them are done with it. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! >:C
Oh yeah, I came home to find a new big teevee! (Not exactly new :B)
YAY! Cause the previous one came out with smoke and papa cutaway the switch.
Haha, it's not a LCD screen but it's big! :D
We've also got the StudentCouncil shirt on the 2nd day of camp!
What a long post :D Bye!

Back from camp! :D
New Teevee! :D