Kyanpu kyanpu!

Yay, I've finished packing my bag! I've squeezed 3sets of clothes and towel into a ziplock bag :D
HAHAHA. *Satisfied* Hm, but should I bring bermuda for sleeping?
I've only got 3 PE shorts and I've to wear one tomorrow.. ):
Ohoh! Yesterday night, while me and papa were in the living room watching teevee,
the teevee just made a weird electrical sound and boom! Smoke was coming out. HAHAHA
Then papa rush to off the main switch and cut away the switch incase we open it.
It's quite expected, the teevee is almost the same age as me (:
So.. Now we have no teevee to watch except the one in mama room! O:
And then and then, papa went to sleep and I was alone doing homework.
Jiejie went out to ton and there was noone in the room! So dark O:
I needed the toilet. I on the lights and..... Cockroach! A big one!
I opened papa's room, saw the lights were off and closed the room.
I was thinking of what to do next and then, papa came out saying it's very hot!
HAHAHA. And, he killed the cockroach! And I went to toilet :D
Hehhehe. I didn't complete my work! I've only complete em, eng vocab and Hcl worksheet.
I've only known yesterday night that we need to do Biology tys too.
Almost completed it except for 2 graphs. Physics tys left with Sound&Kinematics.
English novel review. Chemistry some questions done only. Am still left with graph and set B..
Didn't go for Robocup today. Sigh. No time! ): The entrypass is nice though, HAHA.
Still need to bring clarinet to camp tomorrow cause we'll need to go band on Thursday!
Alright, I shall complete Chemistry, Amaths and bio today!
I'll slept at 11.30pm! I'll wake up at.. 6.50am!