Ma.. Mabushii!

Chokoreto! :D

Time to take off all earsticks and earring. ):
I don't wanna go back school! I haven't had enough of rest!
Boo. I just bathed, hope I will be able to sleep later ahaha.
Have to reach school @ 6.50am tomorrow, I wonder why.
Done all homework-except am&em few questions, phy sound last page, chy tys-, packed my bag.
Ala~ Just started watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge yesterday.
I'm halfway through the last episode! HAHAHA.
Go Kyohei! Save Sunako! Confess to her!!
Haha. Somehow I feel I've forgotten to do something important.
Uh, heck. Let's what deal with comes tomorrow! YAY :D