My eyes are so tired. I've been staring at this computer, since morning.
I blogged, facebook-ed(gaming), GMH-ed, LGMH-ed, and, watched Nodame Cantabile!
Completed Nodame Cantabile by watching the 18 episodes left, haaaaaaaaa.
I want to watch the Paris series, seriously like now!
But.. My eyes are giving way, haha, I'd better go sleep..
Meeting Shannen tomorrow 2pm at school library to do homework, anyone? :D
Ah, should I set alarm? If I did, I can wake up to start watching the Paris series.
If I didn't, I can sleep till my heart's content, risking being late for meeting Shannen.
Sigh..... I'm smelly so nice right now, just bathed, hehheh.
Didn't wash hair though, today after the run came back and wash le :X
Jiejie's having exams tomorrow, add oil! Piglet oil :D