I'm alive! Things didn't turn out as bad as I think it would be.
Went with sister this morning and got it all settled, xie xie ni :D
But still, I've took out some money and stuff it in papa's wallet.
What to do? I didn't look it up and all, who else to blame? Stupid pork.
Sigh.. I need work! Anyone wants to find part-time job with me? D:
Have been watching 'You're Beautiful' since yesterday night, recommended by Shannen.
Yes it's a kdrama O: But aha, I'm watching ep 15, last 2nd ep le!
However, it's weird. This is the first time I'm watching a drama show and not crying, haha.
Hm.. Maybe I've watched it too fast? I've only started it yesterday around 8+pm..
Ugh, I wanna finish it! But I'm really tired now, and the 2nd part of ep isn't there.
I'm lazy to search it now and watch it. I'll leave it to tomorrow morning I guess!
KarateKid @ Bugis w/ Shannen and Phyllis tomorrow! Jaslin not going..
I guess I have to wake up like.. 9+am to be able to watch finish the series ):
Well, maybe I will just watch finish ep 15 and leave the last to the night, hehheh ^^v
I might have been able to finish it today if I didn't went out for nothing....
Was supposed to go out study but was like last-minute cancelledddddddddd.
Aigoo, I wanna hurry up finish the drama, but I also wanna save it to watch some other time!