Mother Earth

Hello world. I just bathed. HAHAHA.
I heard birds chirping just now. They aren't supposed to right?
The climate is changing. I woke up to a nice cooling day.
I mean, it's nice but really, the climate and all are all mixed up.
Mother Earth is dying. The glaciers are melting. So is Himalayas.
This is crazy. We're all gonna die! There's no use practicing the 3Rs.
I think we will all get flooded with the ice water and drown in it.
The whole population except for some human who hide underground or something.
And after all the water floods and destroy everything.
The water will start receding and evaporate, and those alive human will come out.
And start the whole cycle of human domination again.
Blah. I've done most of my homework! Left with physics sound&kinematics, bio- 1graph!
Yay yay yay yay yay! HA! Now I can start playing after I've completed it tonight! :D:D:D