Dwaeji tokki(!)

Phyllis and Shannen @ Kiddy Arcade! :D

HELLO!!! I've just finished watching 'You're Beautiful'!!
IT'S FABULOUS! HAHAHA. You should go watch it too! Hehheh.
Park Shin Hye & Jung Geun Suk(!) was so cute together! ^^v
Yeap, went out with Shannen and Phyllis today to watch KarateKid!
It was fantastic also! Except for the seats that ain't that good, and inconsiderate people.
Drey's last kick even though his leg was broken was super cool luh! Hahaha.
But I wonder how his broken leg can even be straightened when he flipped?!
Ah nevermind nevermind, it's cool anyway, haha!
Hehheh. I've found somethings to watch now; 'Baby & I' and WGM 2!
HAHA. I've still got so many things to watch!
Today while waiting for KarateKid to be screened, we watched a lot of trailers!
Right now I have in mind a lot of movies to watch but I can't remember!
Uh... I can only remember Salt and Eclipse! O:
Aha, that's enough this for me to watch for now. I've still got my homeworks!!
My butt hurts. I think it's because I'm sitting down too much.
But wait, I didn't sit here for so long D: I just sat from around 6pm.. O:
Oh yeah I remembered I didn't post about the solar car competition thing, haha!

Sunny! I mean, there was loads of sunlight!

The race begun..

SungHo last minute modified it(It stopped halfway)

And.. It was off to race! (Got into Semi-Finals)

Didn't get into Finals, but! Got 3rd for best designed car!

Trophy for school!

It rained, but luckily the race ended! :D