Omo. I've still got loads of homework to complete!
Yesterday, I had intended to do homework before going ahgong house.
But I ended up using computer the whole day.
I brought homework, but ended up watching 'The notebook' & 'The spy next door'.
Well, I thought 'The notebook' would be much more touching but it wasn't O:
Feel kinda cheated and wasted my time finding and downloading it to watch.
After coming back from ahgong house then I started doing some homework.
Did physics TYS, was a lot more than I thought it would be.
Sigh.. I'm not even halfway through the phy homework.
But anyway, I'm going out tomorrow! :D YAY!
Going to Sentosa to picnic & play, HAHAHAHAAHHAAH!
I'm gonna go do my homework at 2.30pm!

Hello! HAHAHA. It's break for now! :D
I ended up doing work at 4pm, whoops.
But I've complete doing up till 5school's paper!
1 more paper and I'm down with chinese! :D