Hello! Went to Victoria JC these two days to attend a workshop, 'Gene Amplification'.
Met with the group at Bedok Mrt before boarding the bus together.
Well, I think that the workshop is quite boring, didn't learn much :\
Rushed to band after the workshop ends.
Sungho had gotten the most outstanding award, and gotten a garden in a bottle.
It's cool, haha. Waited for them to choose the things today, and it took quite a while.
Went to band and it was like 1+pm O: Sigh, almost the same time as the day before.
During band today, I played a lot of wrong things, like notes and rhythm T-T
Boo. Band practice on friday, gotta see Mdm Chua @ 11am, I wonder what it its for luh.
And then, Jaslin and I went to the band noticeboard today, and,
Jaslin hit the board, and 15 WHITE TERMITES CAME CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR!!
Seriously, it's giving me goosebumps already, freaking disgusting! :X