Helloo. Actually didn't want to blog today, but oh well (:
Today had to go school to clean-up Student Council room, more like voluntarily.
I just didn't want to stay home to rot like the past 2days!
Had to reach school at 11am, so I had intended to sleep at 1am yesterday.
However, there was a funny variety show that lasted till 2am, so I watched it.
After watching it, I realised I hadn't off my comp and went to play till 2.30am.
And.. Spent half an hour asking Mama if she was hot, or cold, or need fan or blanket, haha.
Laid on bed at 3am and finally fell asleep at 4am, teehee.
Thus, I woke up tired at 10am. I was the only one left at home O:
Went school, had to go to General Office to get the keys to the bandroom to get the conductor's
score of the 2pieces we were playing for the National Band Competition,
and went back to General Office to pass to Mdm Sarjit to photocopy 3sets of each.
Well, it's for the judges to see and stuff I guess.
Afterthat I joined to clean the SC room, where all the stuffs were moved out.
Helped clean the cupboards and shoe rack and stuff.
Then... We ordered Canadian Pizza! YAY! I GOT TO EAT PIZZA! :D
Pizza! Pizza! Hawaiian pizza! It was delicious, hehhehhehhh!
After eating, I slacked :B Chatted and stuff, then talked to Shuting, haha.
Left at around 3.20pm and went to 108 to meet w/ Shannen Jaslin.
Actually met up to play basketball but we didn't. I ate chocolate coated ice-cream :D
HA! I got to eat a lot of things today! *Satisfied* :D:D
Hmmmmmmmmmm. I've took some pictures but they're all blurry, whoops.
I wanna eat ben&jerry's! I wanna eat frozen yogurt! I want subway cookie, HL milk!
Oh my god, I just found out something!
Wham. It's the 3rd week already! Hella, I need to start completing my homework!!!

Doesn't this looks like a chalet room?!