Sunday Morning.

Ohmygod it's so early, I can't believe I'm here blogging when I'm supposed to be sleeping.
Was woken up at 6am all thanks to Jiejie O:
Bathed, and Papa korkor jiejie me went to Toa Payoh Stadium.
Yes, I woke up at 6am to go to Toa Payoh Stadium to run on a Sunday morning.
And guess what, I completed more than 2.4km, yay! :D
Actually only intending to run 2round xD But I ran 4rounds non-stop instead.
Then walked 1 whole round, and sprint 2/3 of the last round, hahaha.
The timing was about 23mins since I started later than korkor, whoops.
I don't know why it took so long D: Initially after running I was okay..
Then I walked around, and felt giddy, wanted to vomit, rested and was okay :D
Went to back to our neighbourhood market to eat breakfast, came home and took a bath.
The morning fresh air this morning was so nice, the scent of nature!
HAHA. When I walked on the grass patch, I could feel the sprinkle of the morning dew (:
But now, the air is filled with the mono gas from all the vehicles, sigh..
I've just found out we need to compile the group list for the sc camp, haha.
Is it too early to send messages out to people? I'm scared later I disturb their sleep O:
Ah nevermind, i sent it out already, HAHAHAHAHA.
I still can't contact Jordanchia O:! I fb-search him, sent him msg, added him, no reply.
I think that Jordanchia is the jordanchia i sent fb message to, but I'm not sure.
Help! I just sms-ed tuna's brother, hope he have his number :D