Busy busy

Hehheh. I'm happy with myself for doing the contact list and attendance list. (Y)
School was fine, except I think I will fail the Amaths test today, ahah.
After school, I rushed up and down to find Ms Johnson to get keys, and realised Alson got it.
Went to eat lunch and then band. We're all in bandroom cause Mr Samuel couldn't make it,
and we can't have sectionals cause there's oral going on(Faith31 people!).
Yeah then something happened, it's so scary O:
Ah then, got called to talk to, Jaslin waited for me, teehee thanks :D
I feel like there's a lot that needs to be done, sigh. Monday's oral is waiting for me.
Tomorrow's NBC! I hope we will get a silver at least, Sungho says most probably we'll get it!
Well, tomorrow's gonna be a long day! And I haven't bath nor packed my things!
I'm gonna bath sooooooooon! Bye :D