July 24, 2010

Family Day!

HELLO! My leg hurts! I've got a bigbig blister and it has been burst!
My leg is like numb! I hope it will recover by Monday so I can walk properly for the investiture.
Ahha, today went to school to meet VP and settle all the ties and blazers,
helped out with the booklet thing a bit and put up a few things on the Band Noticeboard!
HAHAHA! Atleast it's not so plain(: Maybe I will write out a committee list when it's announced.
Yeap, then waited for crab and then, crab, rachelyn and me went to eat Mac :D
Went home and later today at 4pm+ we went to Ahgong house.
As usual, I just helped out abit in the kitchen, ate and watched teevee.
And, we went to play basketball at Hougang CC! Yay :D
It was fun, ahaha! But it was due to this I've got that nasty blister ):
Having 3 test (EGY, Phy, HCL 成语) and Investiture on Monday!
That means I have to study all of them tomorrow on a Sunday! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Sigh. Hectic life, time is ticking away now. I'm gonna bath!
Endure pork, endure the pain of the blister!

Family Photos, haha!


This is gross :D!

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