Pork is lazy.

Hellooo. I'm feeling so lazy now ._.
Just finally managed to stopped myself from reading a manga :X
It's so tempting to read it! Haha.
Okay, I need to complete my AM assignment 5.1 today.
Gotta hand in tomorrow): And then, I think I will draw out the teachers-in-charge!
HAHAHA. :D Well, somehow my mind is always filled with band stuff, I don't know why, ahaha.
Saturday went to the Student Leader's Conference and I met Shema!
She was really kind and shared with me loads of things, yay! :D
Gah! O Levels Listening Compre tomorrow!!

Cool right, hahaha! :D

Okay, I'm just being random :BThe $8+ packet of sweet mama bought from minitoons!