SYF Opening ceremony

Aha! Hello people, today I went for the SYF Opening Ceremony 2010! :D
Made and smuggled my sandwich in to eat, AHAHA!
The display bands are damn cool can! Deyi sec, Bowen sec and Pingyi sec!
HAHA! Cool cool, military bands are so cool! :D
Well, other than that the whole thing was quite boring, ahaah.
Reached back school at around 9+pm, didn't went with them to eat, came home with zoe.
Cause, I've only got like 3bucks, what to eat! D:
Came home, jiejie didn't allow me to eat instant noodles!
I wanted to. ): Still, we went down and had fishball noodles instead.
Watched new updates of anime/mangas, left with reborn.
I shall leave it for tomorrow to watch, yay! :D