Hello! I just woke up from my nap just now and bathed.
It's weird leh. I only remember myself taking a nap on the sofa at 6+,
the next time I knew, I was in my bed sleeping with my outside clothes on.
I felt so disgusted cause I haven't bath and jumped out of bed. ._.
I wonder how I got myself sleeping on my bed instead?
Sigh. Today, I missed the doing up of the mascot thing!
I didn't go up the classroom at all cause I was in the bandroom ):
And I was so looking forward to playing and dressing up the mascooooooots.
Ohwell, it's okay. At least the committee thing has already been announced (:
If we didn't show it to him, who knows how long will this take?
It's like days since we already did up the list, and nothing was done.
Oh and today, I woke up at 5am and then went to school with Idol, Alson and Gillian.
Everything was quite screwed up, I was angry :@
Somehow shouted at someone, I'm sorry! I didn't think properly and.. Shouted it out :X
Celebration @ ISH was boring, didn't really enjoy it, booooo.
After celebration, some of us had to take Band pictures and..
Why can't we smile instead? More friendly leh!
It was hard not to smile at the camera with friends watching me at the side, hahaha.
We went to watch Avatar, the Last Airbender 3D.
I think it's okay, now I finally know what Avatar's about.
Hahaha. I didn't watch the cartoon at all.
I wanna go Beach Road to buy a clarinet pin for my sash!

I have to go to school tomorrow from 3.30pm till 12am. ):
Ukrainian dance? What is that. And then and then, going for the YOG opening rehearsal.
And, I'm going to watch the National Parade with my brother and 2 younger cousins!
On National Day. That will be like so squeezy. With so many people. ._.