Pork Day! (:

Thank you all whom had wished me/given me a present/ gave me a hug/ gave me a surprise! :D
Thank you for making my 15th Birthday such a special on, really haha!
Pork thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

Those who wished me via phone:
Zoe Lina SungHo YuYue Shannen Natalie Jiejie Amelia Jaslin Alan WanWen HuiQin Rahul Pamela Priscilla HuiTing XuanMin Cherry Phyllis Christina Deanna Wilson Jelene Damien

Those who wished me in person:
Mama Papa Korkor, Jiejie Hope 1-1 Faith 3-2 Faith Adeline YiWen Ryan TziWah Allson Jordan.P(Card) Wilson Miss Rabiah Sin Eing Jootein
GMBand and.. Don't know! :D

Those who wished me via Facebook:

At 12midnight, Sungho called me to wish Happy Birthday, hahaha thank you!
Today, it rained. But luckily I met Crab and we shared an umbrella!
However, Bus 100 drove past and bloody splashed the water on us!
Took off shoes and socks during PE but it still wasn't dry, it was revolting.
Felt like throwing it away and not wearing socks but it's disgusting.
Air-dry my socks and wore them back :B
Band was tiring, I ran round and round and round, haha.
The surprise was.. Scary :X HAHA. I didn't expect it at all lah.

Haha, thank you BandMajor for preparing it, it was beautiful (:
Drills was tiring, I wasn't sure if I commanded correctly, so yeah :\
I need to be more focus and strict on myself, LOL.
Yeah, pizza is coming in another 45mins!
I will eat eat eat eat eat a lot of them! :D YAY (Y)
HAHAHA. I'm so tired! Slept at 2am cause celebrated birthday yesterday instead (:
We went to Shaw plaza to eat buffet, the ice-cream was delicious!
And we went to ThisFashion there, HAHAHA. And home, yeah haha.
Then cut cake! :D HAH. Then did homework at around 11+pm, till 2am :@
Really, thank you all of you, haha! Esp the band, hahahaha :D