Singapore's Birthday!

Hello! Yesterday was Singapore's 45th Birthday!!
HAHAHA. I went to see the NDP Parade with my 2 cousins and brother!
I got scammed. I thought it was Padang's ticket, but it was just some ticket to NTUC thing.
We got a lousy goodie bag, and had to sit on the grass with the plastic mat provided.
The performance was so-so, they had screens to show us what we could have seen at home.
It was the most beautiful fireworks I've ever seen!
The fireworks came up gracefully and filled up the whole sky right infront of me! :D
I was completely stunned, to see all the beautiful fireworks!
I regret not taking a video instead, then I would have been able to see it again, ugh!
It was the fireworks at last that made me feel worthwhile going there. (:
After that, they had put up a concert, watched a little and went to fly kite.
Hehheh. It was quite fun, seeing my 2 young cousins running around the whole field.
Zhijie came to find, and we took a picture haha and he left. My hair so messy! :@
And then, came home and ate dinner together with my cousins :D
They eat quite a lot for their size actually, but it's understandable.
I'm glad today's holiday! Cause, I haven't touched my homework, ahahaha!
I'm gonna read Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, which i dropped for a long time.
I want to see Adachi and Shinigawa together! :B
Hehe. Any Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama fan? Look@ this:

HAHA! Opposite genders! It's uber cute and hilarious! :D
I'm lazy to upload pictures. There's a lot in my phone and it's making it laaaaaaag.
I've got pictures from cookiemaking(F3/2), YOG opening rehearsal and NDP one.
It's more than 500photos on my phone. ):
But I can't post pictures about YOG opening rehearsal until 4more days!
Another day maybe, I've got a tight schedule today.
I am going to do my homework at 2.30pm today!!