Dover Hospice Walkathon

My hands and legs, even shoulders are aching.
Well, today Pork had to help to carry a lot of percussion stuff okay!
Cause nobody helped, even though Ms Johnson, Mr Samuel and Mr Sim helped out.
Other than that, I think the performance was overall okay.
Except that many weren't focused, bass drum wasn't brought there, and yeah.
It didn't really sound like a whole band playing today, sigh.
Maybe it's because we were playing on the sand? Or the blazers was too hot and irritating?
Well, either way, I had fun. HAHA.
We took band peektures also. With Elfa's camera (:
Rahul Jelene and Germin were there, hahaha.
After returning to school, went to McDonalds to eat dinner and talked about a lot of stuff.
Yeap. I'm going band tomorrow, to help out and to discuss ^^v
Somehow I'm so anticipating it, hehheh :D