I wanted to sleep in early toady, but ohman. I forgot I need to sent a very important document today!
I've just completed it, sigh it's already going 2am.
This week, I've been sleeping at 1am everyday either cause I couldn't get to sleep at first, and later, to complete my undone assignments.
I didn't touch any of my homework or studies today. I will tomorrow, I will.
Well, today I came home early, finally. I had wanted to come home and take a nice long nap.
But.. Guitar and teevee seduced me :B
My daddy was teaching me how to tune! Using a tuning fork, ha. It's so much work.
I went down to get the batteries for the tuner/metronome, it worked.
I was spared the agony of tuning 4more strings, ahahaha! :D
Yeap. I also watched a stupid show today, a Singapore production movie.
What a weird, stupid, funny movie. Haha (:

A lot of things are troubling me, roar.
Bye goodfriend, hello stranger.
Wait, I forget, you totally erased my existence.
How great. You suck.