Teachers' Day

Hello, it feels so long since I've posted.
Today was Teacher's Day!
Had intended to go back Primary school but had to stay for the SC meeting.
Still, managed to meet Ms Voo at the McDonalds. (:
Found out that Mrs Shirley Lim is going to transfer to a blind school to teach, and Mata Lim(:B) is gonna retire.
I want to meet up with Mrs Shirley Lim before she goes!
Well, gave out the teddybears today also, it was a total mess, sigh.
I feel like I've screwed up the whole thing, seriously.
Anyway, today's celebration was okay, but I think 3skits is a tad too much.
Haha. So cool to see my juniors on the stage dancing and singing, way to go man! :>
Okay, I'm leaving tomorrow all for homework.

Goodbye computer, hello bed.