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Short hair ):


Have been updating the band blog that I don't wanna update this blog somehow :BBut... My hair which i intended to grow till I can use a chopstick to hold it, IS GONE!! When I went Ahgong's house yesterday, aunt brought scissors and ask me if I wanna cut. I pondered and say to just trim abit, then.. I fell asleep and when I woke up, my hair was layered and it was supershort can! When I tie it up, it's like a small tail. ): Nooooooooo, i need to grow it all again~ sigh. -o-
I can't get my NCO badge ): My NCO Camp ): Why. Does. So. Many. Things. Clashes?!
Roar, O level chinese is coming but i don't feel any stress, really :\ I think I have to drop huh.. Ah, my Sims 3 cannot install, i'm downloading it, heheheh :B

Last Day of Faith 3/2

I like this picture! (Y)

Hello people!
Today was a busy & tired day! Firstly, i slept at 1+am doing the cards for H11 and stuff. I'm really glad I did it, they appreciated it, hehehhe (: So... I was really tired and Principal's talk & lessons were hard to handle :\ Rushed to meet Zhijie after school, and went to Newton Mrt. We didn't know how to go at first. But we took bus 171 w/ 2 other schools' BM & DM. However.. We all just kept looking at each other on the bus, not knowing where to stop. Finally, Zhijie went to ask the driver, only to know that we overshot 3stops, haha. So we walked back, and obviously, we were superlate! :x Reached there, and we had to attend the next briefing session, whoops, Gotten my NCO camp shirt, it's orange c: (YAAAAAAAAAY) There were a lot of BM/DMs! I'm really excited for the camp lah, but.. I wonder if I can still go with the things clashing with it ): I met BHSS' BM(Grace) and DM(Brian) also. I think they know my brother :3 Af…


Hello! Sigh, I'm so tired now :\It must be due to the late night yesterday for trying to complete the paper i was doing. Okay, this means I haven't finish it :xxxxx I'm gonna do the cards till 7 and then do all my chinese Gong Han tday! Yeap. I hope I can finish all gong han, and then the bao zhang bao dao! I'd better go! Bye computer c:

Where's my determination!

I feel really guilty today!I slept promising myself I would do the Chinese TYS @ 2.30pm.
However.. I was caught on watching 'Earl and Fairy' the whole day! :\
There were only 12 episodes so i wanted to finish it quickly.
Yeap! So.. I didn't touch it today.
Sorry TYS, I promise I will touch you tomorrow and complete you :3
And also.. I've a new desktop to use!! :D
I have no idea where papa got it from..
Haha, it feels good to watch movie on it, hehehe.
I can also plug in my XIAOBAI and watch anime/movie, wheeee~
This was another reason why I couldn't leave the computer.
Haha, it's way too cool! :D:D:D:D
But hey, I really will do my TYS tomorrow and complete what I can okay!

A glimpse of my screen c:
Envy me! <:

Friends! c:

Hello! I'm still tired, although I've just slept from 3 till 10pm :B I shall finish posting this and go back to sleep, hehhe.

Thursday, after lessons and stuff, went home @ 4pm and bathed.
Met Shannen & Yuyue at 5pm, mrt-ed and went to Hougang Plaza.
And, we went Kbox from 6-10 w/ dinner!!
The dinner was nice, milo dinosaur was even awesome!
Had a fun time singing. I like singing <: Somehow, I especially like to sing with a superhigh pitch voice! It's so cool! Andand, it can also be used to irritate people :B After Kbox we went to Simsville, slacked around at the void decks. Went up to Shannen's house and watched.. Horror show! Watched 4bia. Phew, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be luh, haha. Rested a while, and we walked to McDonald's around 4am. Ate hotcakes, the maple syrup was too sweet for me ): But, thank you Shannen's mum for the treat! c: After eating, we waited for bus to Parkway. Was super sleepy then, fell asleep at the bus stop :\ Aligh…

Blood test

Hello! I am gonna take a blood test tomorrow!How cool is thaaaaaaaaaaat?! xD
Yeah, I am fifteen and I don't know my bloodtype. No bloodtype on healthbooklet/ birth cert. So, I'm gonna find out my blood type tomorrow!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Peekture clearance

Hello. I am not here to grieve about my results I've gotten back today.
I think I had already done what I could (although I could have done better..).
Well, at least I didn't fail any subjects so far kay! And that includes Amaths. Yayz!
I just think that, my higherchinese really can't make it ):
Emaths: 74/100
Amaths: 65/100
Biology: 71/100
EGeography: 34/50
Social Studies: 32/50(I only gotten 10m for SBQ!)
I will die tomorrow for Physcis. God bless. ):

Band resumed today, attendance was good (: but it can be better.
I hope they feel the urgency as the SYF day draws near..
And we have still yet to manage our choice piece, let alone set piece that's coming out on next Monday..
Sigh, work hard everyone! :D

Ahwell, I'm gonna clear all the peektures on my phone! :D
(Random order, hahaha)

During break (:

Supper @ Sweechun after cycling at WCP

Bicycles (:

The evening sky and the moon! :D

Looks so romantic right, haha!
Scores and picks :D
Shannen's guitar bag
I took a picture of her taking …