Friends! c:

Hello! I'm still tired, although I've just slept from 3 till 10pm :B
I shall finish posting this and go back to sleep, hehhe.

Thursday, after lessons and stuff, went home @ 4pm and bathed.
Met Shannen & Yuyue at 5pm, mrt-ed and went to Hougang Plaza.
And, we went Kbox from 6-10 w/ dinner!!
The dinner was nice, milo dinosaur was even awesome!
Had a fun time singing. I like singing <:
Somehow, I especially like to sing with a superhigh pitch voice! It's so cool!
Andand, it can also be used to irritate people :B
After Kbox we went to Simsville, slacked around at the void decks.
Went up to Shannen's house and watched.. Horror show!
Watched 4bia. Phew, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be luh, haha.
Rested a while, and we walked to McDonald's around 4am.
Ate hotcakes, the maple syrup was too sweet for me ): But, thank you Shannen's mum for the treat! c:
After eating, we waited for bus to Parkway. Was super sleepy then, fell asleep at the bus stop :\
Alighted the bus, walked in the wrong direction of ECP, whoops.
Reached there, the place was full of white haze ):
Everything seem so white, like it's seen in a view of Heaven.
You can't see any ships or boats on the sea, there's only spots of lights.
And, because of the haze, we could not see sunrise!! >:C
Stupid haze. Stupid. Don't like Indonesia!
Sat along the seawall and listened to the sound of the sea.
It's niceeeeeeeeeeeee. But the air wasn't really fresh, sigh.
And, we went McDonald's again. Haha.
They rested for a while, and we started playing daidi.
Yuyue likes it, hahaha. Played for quite awhile before we decided to go.
However, it started drizzling as soon as we walked out.
So we had no but to wait for the rain to stop. God answered prayer and it stopped raining.
Well, I don't know why but I keep praying these days. I'm not Christian :\
Ah well, we went to rent bikes! And cycled around (:
Haha, we didn't really cycle much. Then we went to Burger's King to have lunch.
I wasn't tired before this. But as I ate.. I grew sleepier and sleepier -_-
I was so full and tired, I dropped to sleep, hehehe :D
After awhile, we cycled the bikes back to return.
And, we went to flykite! HAHA. Well, not 'we'.
It's yuyue! :D She was the only one who walked for a long distance to get the kite flying.
However, there wasn't much wind so it wasn't successful.
Shannen and I just gazed at her running, and some others who were fishing at the bottom.
The haze cleared up a little, so I could see a lot of ships and boats (:
Afterwhich, we walked back to the main road and went home~
I went separately cause there was a direct bus back home, hehe.
While on the bus, I couldn't stand the fatigue and just fell asleep.
I'm proud i managed to force myself to wake up constantly to see if i was reaching home.
I didn't miss my stop. :D:D:D
Came home, didn't bothered to bath. Just grabbed 2 cushions, and slept on the cold floor.
And this was how I slept from 3 till 10pm and woke up due to the pain on my back.
Wanted to return to sleep back but my back hurts so much ):

I am sad cause my phone died on me during Thurs night and I didn't really take much pictures D: