Night cycling @ WCP

Hello people,

I've turn to become a nocturnal animal now.
Just came home c:
Today, we went out night cycling again, at West Coast Park today.
Yesterday was at East Coast, hahahaha.
Cycled around WCP, there was a super scary dark place w no lights, but we didn't go there cause it was around 2+, 3+ am.
We cycled around the whole place once, through tunnels and the coast where you can see boats and industrial boats!
I nearly fell down while going down a slope and there was a sharp turn :/
I feel like I have a lot of bruises and injuries :B
And then we cycled to the various play areas.
And we played almost all of the exercises! Hahaha. It's tiring yet fun :D
I hate those spinning ones, really. They make you so dizzy~
We also competed climbing up the spiderweb, fooled around.
I was really tempted to take lotsa peektures otw, but I'm scared to take during the wee hours ):
After cycling, we went to sweechun to fill our stomachs c:
Now, I'm so tired and full, sigh :/
I dunwanna bathe, I dunwanna wash my hair, I just wanna sleep (:

Goodmorning peeps, have a nice Sunday!
Cause in just a few more hours to go, and it'll be the start of our nightmare D: