Last Day of Faith 3/2

I like this picture! (Y)

Hello people!
Today was a busy & tired day!
Firstly, i slept at 1+am doing the cards for H11 and stuff.
I'm really glad I did it, they appreciated it, hehehhe (:
So... I was really tired and Principal's talk & lessons were hard to handle :\
Rushed to meet Zhijie after school, and went to Newton Mrt.
We didn't know how to go at first. But we took bus 171 w/ 2 other schools' BM & DM.
However.. We all just kept looking at each other on the bus, not knowing where to stop.
Finally, Zhijie went to ask the driver, only to know that we overshot 3stops, haha.
So we walked back, and obviously, we were superlate! :x
Reached there, and we had to attend the next briefing session, whoops,
Gotten my NCO camp shirt, it's orange c: (YAAAAAAAAAY)
There were a lot of BM/DMs! I'm really excited for the camp lah, but..
I wonder if I can still go with the things clashing with it ):
I met BHSS' BM(Grace) and DM(Brian) also. I think they know my brother :3
After the briefing, I rushed back to payalebar mrt to meet with Yuyue and Shannen.
Haha, and we went to the class BBQ @ Mdm Chua's parents' house there.
The place was big and beautiful like a castle, seems real expensive :\
Hm.. Didn't really help out nor eat. Just hanged around..
And played true or dare. Stupid lame game, hahaha :b
Chatted with Yuyue before going home today, tired sioh~
I've just eaten dinner with rice and everything cause mom cooked my share too.
Didn't want to waste it, so i'm putting the fats to my stomach area! >:C