Peekture clearance

Hello. I am not here to grieve about my results I've gotten back today.
I think I had already done what I could (although I could have done better..).
Well, at least I didn't fail any subjects so far kay! And that includes Amaths. Yayz!
I just think that, my higherchinese really can't make it ):
Emaths: 74/100
Amaths: 65/100
Biology: 71/100
EGeography: 34/50
Social Studies: 32/50(I only gotten 10m for SBQ!)
I will die tomorrow for Physcis. God bless. ):

Band resumed today, attendance was good (: but it can be better.
I hope they feel the urgency as the SYF day draws near..
And we have still yet to manage our choice piece, let alone set piece that's coming out on next Monday..
Sigh, work hard everyone! :D

Ahwell, I'm gonna clear all the peektures on my phone! :D
(Random order, hahaha)

During break (:

Supper @ Sweechun after cycling at WCP

Bicycles (:

The evening sky and the moon! :D

Looks so romantic right, haha!
Scores and picks :D
Shannen's guitar bag
I took a picture of her taking a picture (:
She's acting shy! :B

'YUKELING'! It's my cup! :D
Eating at the President's place. With 'Zhadan'!
Eating McChicken meal inside threatre
Two crazehhhs :D!

It's subway cookie amidst the books!!
Mama & Jiejie @ Marina Barrage

Dinner- Papa's bigday!

Ahaha, taken by Louise c:

Onedollar cookie, haha!DURIAN MOONCAKEY! :P

Ohm nom nom!
Fungi growing on the mirror! :D

Hari Raya Haji! Eating @ Papa's workplace :D

(Korkor laughed immediately after taking this!)


Teacher's Day 2010! :D

Miss Vooooooooooooooo :D:D
The person who challenged us to the 'Fried Rice Challenge'!
I did it! :b
And.. Shannen failed! xD