Short hair ):


Have been updating the band blog that I don't wanna update this blog somehow :B
My hair which i intended to grow till I can use a chopstick to hold it, IS GONE!!
When I went Ahgong's house yesterday, aunt brought scissors and ask me if I wanna cut.
I pondered and say to just trim abit, then..
I fell asleep and when I woke up, my hair was layered and it was supershort can!
When I tie it up, it's like a small tail. ):
Nooooooooo, i need to grow it all again~ sigh. -o-

I can't get my NCO badge ):
My NCO Camp ):
Why. Does. So. Many. Things. Clashes?!

Roar, O level chinese is coming but i don't feel any stress, really :\
I think I have to drop huh..
Ah, my Sims 3 cannot install, i'm downloading it, heheheh :B