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My head is gonna burst. My hair is gonna grow white and all drop off. I'm gonna suffer from some kind of diseases caused by stress.
Gaaaaaaaaah, feeling really stressed up now. It's like everything is so cramped and packed, my life is so busy and messed up.

22nd: Sec 1 Reg. Rehearsal (9am to 1pm) Dance Practice (12 pm to ~6pm) 23rd: Sec 1 Reg. Day (7.30am to 1.30pm) EXCO Meeting (After Sec 1 Reg.) 24th: Work @ Tampines' Bata (1pm to 10pm) 25th: X'mas, out with friends (?) 26th: Work? 27th: EXCO meeting (TBC) 28th: Biology remedial (9am to 4pm) 29th: Annual General Meeting (9am to 2pm) 30th: Work? 31st: Countdown partaaaaaaaay.
To sort out my minddd,
TO-DO-LIST: 1. SC Calender (27th Dec) 2. Confirm working days 3. Find gifts- $3, $4 4. Check when band restarts 5. Finalize ROD 6. Check what books I need to buy for next year 7. Submit FAS form 8. Think up what to say during AGM 9. Find X'mas gifts (?) 10. Buy Zoe's present 11. Pass Zoe & Alan's p…

Start work

Enough of slacking this few days, yukeling.Holidays, only a few days of watching fairytail and reading a manga.. Start working, get things done. The stress is coming backkkkkkkkk.

Fairy Tail


I've spent my last few days watching Fairy Tail, HAHAHA!And now that I've catch up with it, I have to wait... D: Lucy pawned, 88stars of heaven(: I hope Lucy gets Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius keeeeeeys. Okay. Now.. I'm bored :D Should I watch something? Like drama or something, hahaha. But I've got a pile of homework and chapters waiting for me.. Missed some phy and maths chapters cause I've been away for NCO previously. Aye.. I'm more concerned with the dance now :X Plastic dance, LOL~ Can't believe I'm gonna do plastic dance D: Lalala, chocolate is at Milan. Shannen just went to Shanghai. Om nom.

Love life


Fetching Yuyue

Yesterday was awesome! (Saturday!)
Well, had EXCO meeting in the morning. Then, I watched Narnia with Wanwen Lina & Weiyang for $5 per ticket c: However, the movie started half an hour later cause there was like, lucky draw. The movie wasn't really exciting :(~ After that we ate dinner together at kopitiam :D I didn't went to Ahgong house cause.. I would only be only be able to be there for awhile. So, I went to the airport to meet up with Shannen, hahaha. I like listening to headphone while in train, it makes me think :D Reached at 9pm+, walked around with Shannen and stuff. We saw Yuyue's mum :D She looks scary :x~ Then Yuyue's mum treated us to McDonald's, xiexie! :D
We hanged around till there was no more train service, so we decided to just wait for SMRT to start their train service in the morning. Yeap, and we hanged around till 6am+, board train and came home :D

Bad Headache


I vomited today!
Cool right, ahah. It's been ages since I've thrown up :BToday while making kite, I felt like the whole place was super bright, then my eyes like can't really see anything, couldn't really see what was happening, head was in pain! For a moment I felt like I was going to faint, but then I went to vomit :D Felt better after vomiting, but the headache persisted.
So I came back home and sleep :DDDDDDD Had a hard time falling asleep cause my head was so pain ):
Woke up to Zhijie's call. I was late for an hour, oops. Haha, then went to join them for discussion :D My leg is aching somehow. I hate muscle aches!
Note: Chocolate is going overseas! ):


Today.. I did nothing except watching bleach :B HAHA~ I was 10episodes behind, cause I find it boring (I read the manga!) But I guess I was really bored huh (: Going with pig and bro tomorrow to flykite with church, gonna be quiet~ c: Thennnnn, discussion for ROD!

A tangled tale

POKEMON! Zoe~ (: Cool anot! :B Ash & Pikachu! :DD PIPLUP~ Tada ima!
HAHAHA. My brain is now full of japanese.Can't blame me. I just finished 2 japanese drama (:
Pork went out today with Zoe to watch Rapunzel; A tangled tale~ Hehe :D The movie wasn't really exciting, but ahwell, quite nice. Walked around @ Tamp with Zoe today :DDDDDDD And we saw Pokemon! HAHAHHA, don't be jealous :b


I guess cause I was too busy up till now, I'm bored easily.Since the concert, I've been watching dramas :B I've finished Nobuta wa produce, now watching KimiWaPetto. It's a weird show but I'm still watching it, haha! Whenever I play sims3, my comp will randomly restart and all my data would be gone ): So... I get fed up playing with it :\ Btw, my papa sim died!! T-T I think my mama sim is gonna die in 2 days ):
I have a lot of things left unpacked, haha. Ever since nco camp, my things are all lying around :b PORK IS LAZY TO PACK~ Going out with Zoe tomorrow to watch Rapunzel~ :D