Bad Headache


I vomited today!
Cool right, ahah. It's been ages since I've thrown up :B
Today while making kite, I felt like the whole place was super bright,
then my eyes like can't really see anything, couldn't really see what was happening, head was in pain!
For a moment I felt like I was going to faint, but then I went to vomit :D
Felt better after vomiting, but the headache persisted.
So I came back home and sleep :DDDDDDD
Had a hard time falling asleep cause my head was so pain ):
Woke up to Zhijie's call. I was late for an hour, oops.
Haha, then went to join them for discussion :D
My leg is aching somehow. I hate muscle aches!

Note: Chocolate is going overseas! ):