Fetching Yuyue


Yesterday was awesome! (Saturday!)
Well, had EXCO meeting in the morning.
Then, I watched Narnia with Wanwen Lina & Weiyang for $5 per ticket c:
However, the movie started half an hour later cause there was like, lucky draw.
The movie wasn't really exciting :(~
After that we ate dinner together at kopitiam :D
I didn't went to Ahgong house cause.. I would only be only be able to be there for awhile.
So, I went to the airport to meet up with Shannen, hahaha.
I like listening to headphone while in train, it makes me think :D
Reached at 9pm+, walked around with Shannen and stuff.
We saw Yuyue's mum :D She looks scary :x~
Then Yuyue's mum treated us to McDonald's, xiexie! :D
We hanged around till there was no more train service,
so we decided to just wait for SMRT to start their train service in the morning.
Yeap, and we hanged around till 6am+, board train and came home :D