My head is gonna burst.
My hair is gonna grow white and all drop off.
I'm gonna suffer from some kind of diseases caused by stress.

Gaaaaaaaaah, feeling really stressed up now.
It's like everything is so cramped and packed, my life is so busy and messed up.

22nd: Sec 1 Reg. Rehearsal (9am to 1pm)
Dance Practice (12 pm to ~6pm)
23rd: Sec 1 Reg. Day (7.30am to 1.30pm)
EXCO Meeting (After Sec 1 Reg.)
24th: Work @ Tampines' Bata (1pm to 10pm)
25th: X'mas, out with friends (?)
26th: Work?
27th: EXCO meeting (TBC)
28th: Biology remedial (9am to 4pm)
29th: Annual General Meeting (9am to 2pm)
30th: Work?
31st: Countdown partaaaaaaaay.

To sort out my minddd,

1. SC Calender (27th Dec)
2. Confirm working days
3. Find gifts- $3, $4
4. Check when band restarts
5. Finalize ROD
6. Check what books I need to buy for next year
7. Submit FAS form
8. Think up what to say during AGM
9. Find X'mas gifts (?)
10. Buy Zoe's present
11. Pass Zoe & Alan's present
12. Read my Dengeki Daisy (]:)
13. H-O-M-E-W-O-R-K!!

Hokay, I'm gonna batheeeeeeeeeeeee.
A long bathe to wash away all my stress and refresh myself.
Seriously, I just want a few days to slack at home.
Sleeping, eating, using computer, reading manga, watching anime like nobody's business.
What a holiday. I need to recharge before I step into my pathetic sec 4 lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Manage your life, yukeling.

X'mas tree @ Orchard

Red Indian Domo!

I plucked up the courage to charge in the circle of water!