Hahaha, I know it's been a few days, but haven't found the chance to be blogging (:
My computer now keeps restarting or rebooting when I try to on it.
And I really don't have the time to be there waiting for it start up and all sorts of stuff.
So yeap, using my sister's laptop now.
She's complaining that I shouldn't use and waste electricity on spending time on useless stuff online and that I should study :(
ANYWAY, I took a lot of pictures during CNY! YAY :D
I shall find one day when I'm free and when my own computer is working to upload, hehehe <:
Had Biology test tdy by the way, I forgot what I learnt D:
Also went to Shuting's house today! Actually went there to gamble, however I didn't ):
Watched a comical horror showwww there, wasn't really scary O:
Okayokay, I gtg (: BYEBYE!