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Last Day

Today was my last day..

To do SC morning duty w/ Wenting- Sorry I have always left you alone in mornings when I had to mark attendace/or was late. It was nice getting to do duty w/ you! Otherwise it would have been so boring, hahaha (: Don't come me w/ Maths question, YAY! (Y) August Babies!!

To have a band practice w/ GMBand of 2011- I have always felt that we were super noisy during practices, and it was disrespectful, so I had to keep shushing you people. But I think it became a routine of mine in band as days past. LOL. Thought it's part of my days in band, I hope they wouldn't be so much noise and stuff lah, I mean. It shows the discipline of the band yo. Your attitude defines your altitude. (: Yet again, I like sitting together in that special seat of mine and play together w/ the band. When you lag behind, there are others to push you forward. It gives me strength in a certain way (:

To be dressed in my banduniform for the last time- Seriously, I didn't fin…