Last Day

Today was my last day..

To do SC morning duty w/ Wenting- Sorry I have always left you alone in mornings when I had to mark attendace/or was late. It was nice getting to do duty w/ you! Otherwise it would have been so boring, hahaha (: Don't come me w/ Maths question, YAY! (Y) August Babies!!

To have a band practice w/ GMBand of 2011- I have always felt that we were super noisy during practices, and it was disrespectful, so I had to keep shushing you people. But I think it became a routine of mine in band as days past. LOL. Thought it's part of my days in band, I hope they wouldn't be so much noise and stuff lah, I mean. It shows the discipline of the band yo. Your attitude defines your altitude. (: Yet again, I like sitting together in that special seat of mine and play together w/ the band. When you lag behind, there are others to push you forward. It gives me strength in a certain way (:

To be dressed in my banduniform for the last time- Seriously, I didn't find it ugly since sec1 except for the long socks and old-looking boots. Hahaha, I like wearing it. Looks so professional (: Today I wore it throughout the whole day even as I ate dinner, for I feel like I should wear it properly for one last final day of mine. I'm so proud to have that red sash this year to wear(though only 2 badges D:). Sad to say, have to return the blazer.. ANY IDEA TO SMUGGLE HOME?! LOL. (: I like the tie too! It's so cool eh.

To the last performance on the magnificent stage- Really saddening to think that today was my last performance on stage w/ GMband (: The glory that it brings, the heavy atmosphere, the awkward stares of audiences, the assuring smile from Mr Samuel. It's really a great feeling to being able to perform, to be able to play, to be able to see, listen & feel. I can really feel the whole band, getting nervous getting ready getting, just great. (:

To ask people to 'DIAM' when I shout 'BAND DIAM'- Last time, I really hated this command when I was in lower secondary. I felt like the DM was treating us like dooooooogs and was disrepectful. However now, as I shout it, I FEEL GOOD. HAHAH! Sorry but really, shouting out to see that band members responds, listens to keep quiet as to listen to what I have to say after that. I like how it gets everyone's attention and focus. HA!

Yeah. A day full of feelings (: But.. At the same time I also feel ........ :( I prefered the days where I used to be in 3rd clarinet, those carefree days, not caring about the conductor. We just practically lived in our own world and had fun. But now, it seems all in the past. People goes, things are replaced :) What to do? Great power comes great responsibility. Can no longer fool around and stuff, have to get serious. Sacrifice all those fun times, getting left out feels bad D: But I think it's worth it still, to be able to lead (:

Zhijie, Mr Izac, Mr Samuel, Yukeling
Our Clarinets! 11th April 2011
Pamela Yukeling Amelia Jaslin
Amelia Yukeling Huiting Clarice
GM BAND- 11/04/2011

Continue to excel, my juniors & dear gmband!!